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Thanks for helping a novice like me get started into this, can’t really imagine paying 3x for cable TV services for so many years in the past…!

Robert R USA

Extend another 3 months for me bro. Also tell me more about the resellership t’s and c’s, I’m interested…

Iskandar S Malaysia

Interested only in the English, European football matches ‘live’ games only and at reasonable price points…<thumbs up>

SK Wah Singapore

thanks you for good ip tv service very good

Mehmet H Turkey

Freaking amazing number of channels, great tech advice and support… keep up the good work guys

Jonas W USA

Tv worldwide for football, golf, cricket, tennis, movies-on-demand, uk, usa, europe… just WOW!

Saga H India

Superb blog notes on IPTV apps install, good and satisfactory service overall, definitely resubscribing again

Martin M Europe

Really helpful blog articles for non IT savvy, so making it easy for me to learn and configure my Android TV… Thanks!

K C Seah Malaysia

Put it up on large screen in my pub for the football, UFC, golf, and whatever sports… works 98% of the time, bang for buck, can’t complain… definitely resubscribe.

P T Hong Kong

Love all the football matches that I can get via live broadcast, no more subscribing to expensive local cable TV, regret didn’t find your service years ago, could’ve saved a bundle…

Jay W Malaysia

Thanks for this service mate, absolutely cheaper than my local TV services and above average performance, considering my limited broadband service in this part of the world!

Michael R Australia

My primary TV source for sports, on-demand movies, TV series on GoT and home TV channels…amazing spread of channel choices and love the dashboard for login accounts…!

Sheikel S UAE

Just subscribed for a month, looking good so far…

Paulie Y Australia

Been using your services for some years now and have not had any problems at all…

Katty L Singapore

I did had my doubts at first, but I am visibly impressed by the channels choices and the quality of the streams. I’ve tried alot of other services but this is really the best by far.

Jamie P London

I heard that your quality was good but I didn’t expect it to be this good. Also the VOD comes in really handy, will certainly come back to renew my subscription!

Mitchell S Singapore

Thank you for helping me out in figuring out how to get this working on my Android tablet, now I can’t go anywhere without it to catch my favourite TV programme online, anywhere and anytime..its just pretty cool!

Jenny C Hong Kong

Rather simple, just subscribe and use the m3u file or the url link and place it into a my Kodi setup and presto, it just works.. but I’m a tech geek hehe

James S Thailand

Tried a trial account at first, and that went well, so I followed it up with a 6 month subscription and have not looked back since… 🙂

Dan H Germany
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As the Best IPTV Streaming provider, we have the most quality channels in popular channel categories into m3u playlists.

…and way much more. Click on the above image to preview our Worldwide Channels Listing.

Who We Are?

DojimeIPTV.Net is a leading TV Entertainment Provider since 2008, offering global TV entertainment services to devices such as smart TVs, desktop PCs, laptops, Android TV boxes, DreamBox, MAG devices, IOS devices, smartphones, Android smartphones, etc. Products include online TV subscriptions and Android-based TV Boxes. We launch out IPTV streaming services way back since 2014.

  • Provide IPTV Subscriptions for various devices
  • Thousands of TV Channels from more than 36 countries
  • Consistently smooth IPTV Streaming performances
  • High Performance videoservers based in Europe

About Us

We are a group of geeks and technophobes who are keen to push great techie solutions to the average man-on-the-street.  We were frustrated with the ever increasing costs of TV entertainment that were laid onto us. Thus, we found our motivation to develop alternative solutions to cater to our own needs.

From 2008, we were providing affordable, quality global TV entertainment services for devices such as smart TVs, desktop PCs, laptops, Android TV boxes, DreamBox, MAG devices, IOS devices, smartphones, Android smartphones, etc. Since early 2014 on, we start to deliver online TV subscriptions and Android-based TV boxes based on IPTV streaming services.

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News, Service Update Announcements

Recent Updates Nov 14th 2020 12:00am (UTC +8) Some servers are down for maintenance now. Tech teams are working on the maintenance tasks to bring all servers back online soonest possible. We sincerely apologise for the inconveniences caused. 2.00am (UTC +8) Servers are coming back online now. June 7th 2020 05:00am (UTC +8) Channels are […]

Dojime IPTV - How VPN Works

VPN with IPTV Streaming – Does It Help? YES IT DOES

What Is a VPN? In very simple terms, a VPN connects your PC, smartphone, or tablet to another computer (called a server) somewhere on the internet, and allows you to browse the internet using that computer’s internet connection. So if that server is in a different country, it will appear as if you are coming […]

Get Started with IPTV Streaming with 5 Simple Steps – Beginner’s Guide

You’ve probably heard a lot about IPTV streaming lately, but you may not know where to start when it comes to entering this brave new world of televised content streamed via the internet. So many of us are used to cable or satellite that it one may conclude that the juice is not worth the […]

How to Configure XCIPTV with Free VPN

How To Configure XCIPTV with Free VPN May 5, 2020 In this guide we will show you how to configure XCIPTV with Free VPN service. Interestingly enough, you should also know that when you go for the entry-level monthly IPTV subscription from DojimeIPTV.Net, we have built-in VPN feature for your subscription! What is needed : […]

New Security Update for MAG Devices

IMPORTANT SECURITY UPDATE NEW SECURITY UPDATE FOR MAG USERS – April 25th 2020 We have released a new Security Update for devices that uses MAG / Stalker Portals. Since April 17, 2020, for new lines that use MAG / Stalker Portal, the Portal URL will be different and unique for each MAC Address as the […]

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