24-Hours IPTV Free Trial Subscription

Please read before applying for 24-Hours IPTV Free Trial

The Trial is in the form of a 24-Hours free trial iptv subscription from the Best IPTV Provider in Europe and Asia. It is available for Windows-based, MacOS-based, Android-based or IOS-based devices. Services may not accept connections from behind firewalls, proxies or VPS platforms. Disposable, temporary email addresses will not be entertained for trial account registration. Only permanent, validated private email addresses that has NEVER BEEN REGISTERED for free trials with ANY OTHER IPTV service providers will be accepted. The ‘in-built trial system validator’ will reject previously registered email addresses for trials, or strange, suspicious user or domain names. Whitelisted email service providers are: GMail, Yahoo, YMail, Outlook, Hotmail, Protonmail, bonafide non-blacklisted company / private domains, etc. It takes between 2 to 12 hours to receive a trial account. It will start as soon as you receive and ‘activate’ the trial activation email.
Please check your Junk or SPAM folders if you do not see the ‘activation’ email in your Inbox.
A  trial account is usable for 24 hours. The 24-hour trial countdown will internally start if the user fail to ‘activate’ the trial account within a 6-hour period. All channels are included in the Free IPTV Trial test. However only a sampling of relevant iptv categories is added by default. Trial users may choose to select, add or remove categories by ticking the boxes in the ‘Bouquet Channels List’ configuration from their trial user dashboard login access.
Note: Influx of trial requests usually occur during or prior before ‘live’ major sporting events or on weekends. Thus, we will not entertain any trial requests during such important events, including major premier league football matches of any countries, or whatnot. In addition, before issuing out a trial, we ask a few survey questions – questions with regards to your country location origin, understanding of some IPTV Basic 101 stuff concerning m3u lists, and whatnot. We will respond back to your trial requests only when interested parties reply back with their answers to our survey questions.
Click to send email with header “Trial” with your permanent and valid, private email address. In line with our security and respect for customer privacy, we only ask and keep customer’s private email address and NOTHING ELSE. We DO NOT store nor need any customer personal informational details in our customer database in respect to GDPR data security requirements.
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  • 24Hrs IPTV  Streaming Access
  • 5,000+ ‘Live’ TV Channels, ‘Live’ Events / Matches
  • Documentaries, Entertainment, Sports, News, Reality TV, Pay TV, On Demand TV, etc
  • 7,000+ VODs (Video-On-Demand movies eg. Blockbusters, Box Office Hits, IMDB Top 250)
  • New / Popular / Trending TV Series with Up-to-Date Episodes with Regular Updates
  • Channels and Categories Maintenance with Regular Updates
  • EPG (Electronic Program Guide) with Daily Updates
  • Compatible with Major Devices eg. Desktop PCs, Laptops, TV Boxes, smartphones, tablets, etc
  • Dashboard Login Account Access
24-Hours free trial iptv subscription - From the best IPTV provider in Europe & Asia

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DojimeIPTV.Net is a reliable, premium service provider for IPTV Streaming subscriptions since 2014. We provide global IPTV streaming services from our European videoservers to service all corners of the world. We do not own, nor download or archive the streams into digital storage, in any form whatsoever. Read the FAQ about our services and Blog that covers quite a lot of very relevant informational details and tips that you will need to know about IPTV streaming.