Change in IPTV Subscription Prices

Dojime IPTV.Net

Due to increasing costs and demand, IPTV subscription pricing is due for a review. New prices will be put up very soon before 1st Feb 2018.  Actual dates on changes and / or which tier is up to the administration’s right.

In addition, one will notice that in our online shop webpage, all IPTV subscription products are not physical stocks. That is just a fomality due to certain logic ie. a) there is no actual product to ship, b) hence there is no delivery, c) Subscription Activation comes in email form.

IPTV Subscriptions requests shall be entertained via direct email request to [email protected] in which we will then perform a direct order addressed to your registered private email (permanent) address.

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  1. Hi , I would like to buy a 1 year package , can you give me more details on how to pay , yours , Martin.

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