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  1. hi
    Have interest in her IPTV, would like to test before, does this go? When here my box data
    Mag MAC: me E-Mail Regards Bibony

  2. I haven’t received any replies to my emails…so I’m a bit concerned & confused??

    Firstly – I found an email advising me my service was about to stop and some instructions on how to extend. Even though I was able to log in and see that I had a few hours remaining there did not appear to be any option (+) extend my service. I sent an email to you but didn’t receive a response.

    1. Hi Michael,
      Many thanks for your kind support and renewal of your subscription. Apologies as you caught us at a long festive time when the whole team is out for the massive long vacation holidays. Anyway, we are most appreciative for your kind patience and trust in us, and most happy to put your account back in order. Enjoy!

    2. Apologies, but due to user abuse, we had no choice but to disable that extension feature on the dashboard. So now for any extensions, we will proceed with it manually, ie. via email invoicing.

    3. Hi Michael,
      This may be a long overdue reply but we are pleased to have resolved your issue and to see that you have continued with our services. Do note that now, we do require your permission and payment whenever your subscription is up for renewal as we do not believe nor subscribe in auto-renewal processes. Hope this helps. 🙂 Update note: Due to overwhelming requests, for the majority of users we had to activate auto-renewal billings with help from payment gateways or else our response times to customers suffers… 😛

  3. Hi I am interested in trying your service please and was trying to see the difference.
    Are there channels like TSN, Sportsnet, ESPN, and also where you can watch all the live games of the NHL ? Do you have also like Scandinavian channels from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and channels from the Czech Republic & Russia ? Do you offer support after sale and answer the customer the same day ? Does it affect that I am from Canada ? Would I be able to test to see if channels freeze on like a m3u line with VLC ?
    Thank you

    1. On our website, there is a BOUQUET LIST image under QUALITY IPTV CHANNELS LISTING page that is hyperlinked to our TV channels categories.
      That url link webpage bring you to a image that shows you the different channels categories available in our TV channel database, that is constantly being updated. Hence, users should from time to time, download fresh copies of their m3u files or copy their m3u url links from their subscription accounts to get an updated list of TV channels.

    1. Due to consistent high rate of abuses of our free trials, we have decided to cut down on free trials to a weekly quota, and unfortunately, that means that we will selectively at random, choose and send trials to interested users at our perogative. So interested users will have to send emails directed to [email protected] and wait to see if they will be among the lucky few to be picked for a free 1-day trial account.

    1. We do not handle restreaming requests. Free trials are offered via email requests but they are given at Admin’s perogative and random selection.

    1. Hi Raed,
      Please send us your permanent private email address so we can send you an online invoice for the 1-mth subscription.

  4. My name is Marius Stancioiu and i want one month your services for my friend please. I already send a private email but not answer.

    1. Hi Marco,
      Many thanks for your continuing support of our services, good to see that its all good on your end and that we have already followed up with your referred user. Thanks again!

  5. Hello;
    I’m searching a IPTV service because I’m not happy with my actual service.
    Can I have a trial test for 24h?? Because 12h is to shortly to prove any service.

    1. Hi Koer,
      We have sent you a trial but you did not respond to it for days, so it expired. Please do understand that in order not to entertain spamming trial requirements, we do not allow repeated trial requests from the same email address, so if you wish to get another trial acct, you must send us another permament private email address that you will use for registeration of the subscriptions later on… We can’t change the trial policy now as we have had way too many user abuses in the past. Thank you for your kind understanding.

  6. Dear Sir,
    I have visited your website and checked your valued service and I would like to start cooperating with you as a reseller.
    I was just wondering if your service is working all over the world? and also, appreciate if you kindly advise if we can have our own links connected to your service (it means that we have the host and domain and just need to know how to set it to your service).
    Is it possible to have favorite channel listing and create new package list under your cms panel.
    sorry for too much questions. please let me know the charges to start working.

    With Best Regards

    1. Hi Bobby,
      Please check your reply email address as we cannot send email response back to your email address as its reported as unroutable by our email servers.

  7. Hi, I have paid for 1 month but have not received details on how to view ,can you sort this please , yours , Martin .

    1. Hi Martin,
      Please check your email inbox and in your junk or spam folders too as well for your incoming dashboard login account details for activation.

  8. Hi, I have got on my screen ” Warning! access to web page has been blocked in accordance with manufacturer content protection and piracy prevention policy. contact service provider” Can you help ?

    1. Googling on these issues produced the following answers: These problems on MAG boxes, it seems that Infomir have updated the firmware to block certain iptv providers. Two solutions are available…1) Put in a new portal address & stop the auto update on the box; 2) Flash it back to an earlier firmware & stop the auto updating of the firmware.

    1. Hi Tony,
      Apologies for the slight delay, we have checked and the payment system will resend you the online invoice. Thank you for your prompting.

  9. I am using iptv Smarters Pro application provided by LG TV playstore that run on WebOS operating system on my LG Smart TV. I will need a signin user ID, and a service url of your service in the ‘’ format.
    Can you provide such access if subscription is bought? And can this be setup for the 24 trial?
    Thank you,

    1. Greetings Eli,
      Much thanks for your inquiry, we have sent a detailed reply back to your email address. Briefly, yes we will be able to help you out. Just one thing to note is that we certainly would not recommend you to do streamings via the Smart TV Apps provided to you thru the Smart TV, instead, do consider going to the android-based TV box as a more ‘secure approach’.

  10. Hi

    I have a question, i see a lot of products in this webshop, I have made a screenshot of some products, that you also sell in your webshop. But there products are 16% cheaper, well my question is what is the difference between your product, is it the quality or something else, I hope you can answer my question.

    Carlota Watson

    “Sent from my Android”

    1. Hi Carlota,
      Much thanks for your comments. With regards to your attached url link, when we clicked on it, the url brought us to the main landing page for AliExpress (as we do not have any sign-in account for AliExpress); so based on that, we would assume that you may have chanced upon some iptv subscription offerings found in that online ecommerce store.

      That said, we are familiar and are aware of such offerings in that ecommerce store, being that most if not all of those iptv offerings derived their streaming sources from mainly within China and/or Hong Kong. Yes, they can be extremely cheap in terms of their subscription prices, but we understand from lots of ex-subscribers and users of these subscriptions that the longevity of these streaming sources are questionable. At best, their shelf life could last at most a year+ or even less, they are highly inconsistent in terms of quality and streaming performance, and many of these streaming services had came and gone – they either shutdown the service and reopen under a new name or different web domain.

      By comparison, we have been providing our brand of service since 2008 (iptv streaming since early 2014) and our service and performance has largely remained consistent while content has been improved or increased year on year.

      Naturally, we also adhere to quarterly short downtime instances in order to improve / manage / maintain our performance quality and consistency due to our ever growing clientbase from all around the world. And sometimes, when the downtime maintenance or repairs took a little bit longer than it should, we do reimburse our subscribers with extra time credits back into their accounts. Lastly, for our clients’ personal security, we DO NOT hold vital personal details nor credit card details of our clients for the sake of data security & confidentiality of our clients and our team.

      We hope this helps to answer to your queries.

      Admin / Dojimeiptv

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