ExpressVPN Operational Issues

Lately, we have been monitoring users facing operational issues with ExpressVPN. Apparently, ExpressVPN have been changing user IPs frequently within a short time and this is causing our firewalls to ‘auto-ban’ the users’ subscribed lines.

We can reopen these user lines again but if they reactivate ExpressVPN again,  it will result in an auto-ban again. Hence, we are now strongly recommending users to use our free VPN solution which can be found via our Add-Ons section in our users’ dashboard sign-in accounts or switch over to any other VPN except ExpressVPN.

You can also resort to contact ExpressVPN directly and ask them why are they opting to change user IPs frequently within a short time, or ask them to implement a Static IP format.

For immediate workaround, please adapt to using our free VPN provided from our Add-Ons section in the dashboard account panel.