Who is DojimeIPTV.Net?
DojimeIPTV.Net is a premium service provider for IPTV subscriptions, so we provide access into the services of IPTV streams from Europe and many other countries, and we do not own the streaming sources nor download or archive the streams into digital storage, in any form ever.

We started with customising DreamBoxes way back in 2008 but it was not until 2013 that we started to tinker with IPTV streamings. Our IPTV streaming was launched in mid-2014 when Nagra3 standards was officially embraced, which ended the Dreambox era; and thus we have been providing IPTV streaming services since.

How is the quality?
Most channels are in HD (720p) or even FHD (1080p) quality. But there are a lot of SD (Standard Definition TV) channels if HD is not available.

Where can I watch?
Because IPTV works over an internet connection, all you need is a device (be it a desktop computer / laptop, android-based TV device, tablet or smartphone) and a hard-wired LAN, strong Wi-fi or cellular connection (3G/4G/LTE). From our experiences, you are much better off on wired Ethernet unless your Internet connection is nothing short of a superlative consistent performance of at least 30Mbps or higher. So you can watch IPTV streaming while on holiday, in a train, or in the car, etc. If you are constantly on travel, then placing a subscription onto a mobile device eg. smartphone or tablet works so good.

Can I watch ‘live’ sports?
Absolutely Yes! Almost all good sports channels are included like, Sky, Fox, BEIN, NBCSN, CBS Sports, Star Sports, Setanta, MBC Sports, OSN Sports, Sky Net and all other major broadcasters. So you never have to miss your favorite game again.

What internet speed do I need?
Because of the quality of the streams, you will need at least a very stable 30Mbps> connection for HD. A wired cable connection is definitely preferred. Wi-fi may drop signals, so then you may get a little buffering for a few seconds. A good Wi-fi router will prevent that, of course, and finally, a more than decent Internet service provider serving your location, to provide you the best ‘last mile’ bandwidth quality.

I have a question or problem, what to do?
You can fill in the contact form with your question. For tech support issues, send a support email to our support team at [email protected] and they will help you within a a short interval after verifying your account. If you have a Dashboard login account, please send in a support ticket through our internal contact channel.

Can I use it on more then one device?
Yes you can, but NOT at the same time. If the servers detect that you are using the same subscription account on more then one device at the same time (means watching the IPTV streams), your account will be suspended immediately. If you wish to do that, you will need to get another subscription for the other device, and so on.

Do I need to invest into a VPN to make use of this service?
No, there is no need for such paranoia. The system is designed to work seamlessly via proper standard Internet http protocols, so you only need to be more concerned with the quality of the Internet bandwidth that you are getting from your local Internet service providers. So in short,  there is no need to use VPN on this service.

But should you feel the need to do so, please read our blog article in regards to using VPNs for streaming.

Where are your current customers mainly located?
Our IPTV streaming servers are located mainly in Europe, so most customers tend to be residing in Europe, and we focus marketing our services to Europe and Asia Pacific. Interestingly enough, our customer base currently do include happy users residing in countries such as Canada, UK, Turkey, Middle East, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.

How do I know how much to pay in BTC, LTC or ETH coins for the subscription cost?
Once you state your intention to subscribe for an account via cryptocurrency payment ie. BTC, LTC or ETH, just go to the relevant url links to check on the exchange rates and then send the correct coin amount to our crypto wallet addresses published and provided to you via email. Payment MUST BE completed within the same day ie. within 1-2 hours.

For BTC (Bitcoin) rates: https://currencio.co/eur/btc/1/

For LTC (Litecoin) rates: https://currencio.co/eur/ltc/1/

For ETH (Ethereum) rates: https://currencio.co/eth/eur/1/