How to Configure XCIPTV with Free VPN

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How To Configure XCIPTV with Free VPN

In this guide we will show you how to configure XCIPTV with Free VPN service. Interestingly enough, you should also know that when you go for the entry-level monthly IPTV subscription from DojimeIPTV.Net, we have built-in VPN feature for your subscription!

What is needed :

  • Android Device (Phone, Tablet or Android TV Box)
  • A DOJIMEIPTV IPTV Subscription
  • XCIPTV Installed
  • Very little technical knowledge required

Step 1: Login to your Dashboard, choose “VPN” and click Android

IPTV with Free VPN

Step 2: Download the “Configuration file”

You can do this on your Android device’s Browser or if you are doing this on your computer/phone, you will need to transfer the file over into your Android device.

IPTV with Free VPN

Step 3: Startup the XCIPTV app and click on the VPN Tab


Step 4: Click on “Open Config File” and choose the OpenVPN file that you downloaded from the dashboard

Insert Username and Password :
Username : YourUsername <<—- enter your IPTV account username.
Password: YourPassword <<— enter your IPTV m3u line password.

After that click on “Connect” and “Auto-connect if you want the app to auto connect when it starts”.

Step 5: Now it should look like this if everything is done correctly

Step 6: On the main screen you should now see the VPN tab has turned “green”

You might want to switch the AUTO CONNECT to ‘ON’, so that whenever you click on XCIPTV App, the VPN will go on autoconnect mode, and you can safely enjoy your streamings with VPN mode enabled.

Now you are done!

Congratulations! You have learnt how to configure XCIPTV with the Free VPN using the first class Free VPN Service from DojiMeIPTV!

Latest Update: We now have a free VPN solution made available to all existing users – please go to the Add-Ons section of your dashboard login account panel to download the VPN and profiles!

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