How to Tweak your Home Network to enhance IPTV Streaming Performance

Tweaking the Home Network
Why Tweak your Home Network to enhance IPTV Streaming Performance?

If your ISP is blocking IPTV traffic, there is no way that they will do anything to help make your home network faster to handle IPTV streaming. So the better way is to configure or tweak your home network better to achieve maximum bandwidth throughput from your ISP. Furthermore, if you do suspect that your ISP is indeed monitoring and filtering your IPTV traffic, then setup a good VPN with streaming extension on.

Useful Tips to Tweak Your Home Network

Here are some tips that you could or should do first to have a decent home network connected to the Internet in the right way:

DNS Settings

Use Google DNS and and Static IP or by inserting DNS into your router for all devices or on your desktop PC / Laptop. Another great DNS would be from CloudFlare DNS and

Router Settings

Make a bridge in between your ISP Box and Router ( if you cannot make a bridge, than put your Router IP into DMZ on ISP Box). If your router is not at all optimally position to be close to your TV, go with Poweline Ethernet adapters as opposed to relying on Wi-Fi connections. The best Powerline Ethernet adapters to choose would be in the range of 500Mbps and above, NOT any lower that that.

Disable all v6 protocol, IGMP snooping protocol, and multicast on LAN/Wifi setup.

Check your MTU on your ISP Router. Default is 1500 for cable connection and 1492 for ADSL connections, or do the test here via

Set QoS on your router with the MAC address of your TV Box and CDR with maximum priority to that rule (Classless Inter-Domain Routing is a method for allocating IP addresses and routing Internet Protocol packets). If you have an Asus Router (good for you on your choice!), choose the QoS setup for Media Streaming.

Wi-Fi Setups

DO NOT use Wi-Fi connections where possible for your TV Boxes or any devices to watch IPTV streams. If you MUST use Wi-Fi, make sure that your Wi-Fi channel of your router does not overlap with some other routers, by checking it via software tools like the android app called WiFi Analyzer. In addition, it would be advisable to get an Android TV box that can handle high speed W-Fi connections to boost the bandwidth ie.  5.0GHz or higher . The router used should also be looked at to be sure it is performing at the speeds necessary to stream online content.

Keep in mind the new 802.11ac protocol, while able to transfer data much faster than older protocols, it does not travel as well though walls or over distance.  The 802.11ac broadcast in the 5.0GHz range while older wireless protocols use 2.4GHz frequency. Wireless-N the last protocol introduced has a transfer rate up-to 300 Mbps. While the new 802.11ac can transfer up-to 1200MBps. Typical streaming HD video requires at least a consistently good 10Mbps connection, so while the new 802.11ac protocol is faster, in some cases Wireless-N is better since the signal can travel better than 802.11ac.

LAN Cabling

Check the class of your network cables, as cables are different for 10, 100 and 1 GB links. Our preference is to go with the ‘Cat 6’ class. Why? Because it is thicker and better insulated. Hence, it does not break easily when bending around corners, and it is not affected by ‘electrical noises’ over distances.

If you are using Windows for watching, try to tweak your network with the software tool called TCP Optimizer. This can be found at

If you are using Android, after every boot turn on big TCP buffer size to eliminate buffering with bionic TCP IP. works only on rooted devices.

Kodi Advanced Settings Configuration

Configure Kodi with advancedsettings.xml like this:
Note that advancedsettings.xml is configured to use 999 MB of RAM so it will work only on TV boxes with 2 GB of RAM.

For TV boxes with 1 GB RAM, please use advancedsettings.xml in

On Amazon Firestick, if it is slow, you can edit this line in advancedsettings.xml to drop some frames from the stream to experience better playback:  <skiploopfilter>8</skiploopfilter>

Hope this helps in improving viewing pleasure for you on your home network!

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