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Dec 20th 2020 12:00am (UTC +8)

A very special Christmas Limited Time Offer for 12-Months subscription at only:- Euros 79.00!

Quick grab it while you can!

Here’s wishing you all a very merry Christmas!!!

Nov 14th 2020 12:00am (UTC +8)

Some servers are down for maintenance now. Tech teams are working on the maintenance tasks to bring all servers back online soonest possible.

We sincerely apologise for the inconveniences caused.

2.00am (UTC +8) Servers are coming back online now.

June 7th 2020 05:00am (UTC +8)

Channels are now fully back online. As promised (in similar fashion as in the past), we have added in substantial (10 days’ worth) credits into all clients’ sub accounts. Please do log into your respective dashboard accounts to review your new expiry dates.

Much thanks for all your support and kind patience!

June 4th 2020 04:00am (UTC +8)


For the unscheduled maintenance, our servers are temporarily down. Do not panic. Due to some technical issues in the infrastructure, we had to make some mandatory updates on the service. Our Dev teams are working hard to get everything turn back on to normal.

There is no ETA yet, but we understand from our technical team that it will take between 24 – 48 hours.

We apologize for the problems you are facing, we will certainly make up for it when we stabilize the service and put it back online. Thank you for your support and so sorry for the inconvenience.

-Admin / DojimeIPTV

May 5th 2020 00:00am (UTC +8)


We are pretty stoked to announce that DojiMEIPTV’s new built-in VPN service on our dashboard is now fully tested and operational! The first VPN article on how to configure the XCIPTV Media Player App on Android with our built-in VPN service is published in our blog as per below. Do check it out!

April 25th 2020 00:00am (UTC +8)


We have released a new Security update for devices that uses MAG/Stalker Portal. Since April 17th 2020, for new lines that use MAG/Stalker Portal, the Portal URL will be different and unique for each MAC Address.

January 10th 12:00am (UTC +8)

New channel categories has been added to the list with many new streaming content. Users should go select these new TV categories in their bouquet configuration settings, in order to watch these newly added channels!

November 18th 4:00pm (UTC +8)

Due to ISP blocking in some countries, our services now allows for VPN connections. In addition, with regards to  large number of trial requests before ‘live’ events or sports matches; (by ‘live’ events / sports matches, we mean any ‘live’ event / sporting match that holds a very high percentage of global viewership interest, that generates a huge amount of $$$ for the broadcasting owners). In order to prevent this abuse of services by requesters, there will be NO TRIALS allowed for periods covering major games / matches (eg. Champions / Europa / Premier / LaLiga Leagues and other major sports, etc), nor on weekends with ‘live’ matches going on.

All current trial account services will be automatically turned off during match time duration, and will be turned back on only after the end of the ‘live’ events.

October 19th 10:00pm (UTC +8)

We have finally completed our upgrade work on our payment services. We are happy to announce that we can accept cryptocurrency payments for Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH) now within our payment cart! It is now further enhanced with ‘ready-to-click’ copy of our crypto address and QR codes for quick payments! Please note that subscribers are reminded to include their ‘transfer fees’ into their outgoing crypto payments to us in order to reduce any service delays.

October 8th 10:50pm (UTC +8)

The Dashboard is available now but creating and updating the lines disabled (you can only see the previously created lines). We will enable these features as soon as possible. Please consider streams are available in all devices now.

We have added extra credits to every line subscriber to cover for the length of ‘downtime’ incurred. We thank you for your kind patience and understanding.

October 7th 9.00pm (UTC +8)

All other providers have faced major problems in the last month. So did we. It is not easy to find a solution and fix everything quickly. The entire team are working around the clock to resolve the current problem as soon as possible. Estimation downtime has exceeded 12+ hours or more currently.

Thank you for kind patience.

October 4th 9.30pm (UTC +8)

Servers are temporarily down for maintenance mode. Dev teams are working hard to get everything back to normal operations. At this time, the delay is expected to last about 12 hours or more. Thank you for your kind understanding and support.

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.