TiviMate Player Review – One of the best IPTV players

What is TiviMate?
TiviMate is an app that lets you watch IPTV on your phone and tablet. You can also use the Fire TV Stick’s TiviMate app by downloading the app on FireStick and then activating it through the IPTV service.

TiviMate Version types
It comes in two versions: subscription and free. While the free plan offers a variety of IPTV features, the subscription version will provide full access. The following are the features provided by the application:

  • Intuitive interface.
  • Make lots of playlists easily.
  • Upgrade to Electronic Program Guide (EPG).
  • Customizable streaming experience.
  • Catch the up tool function, you can keep track of sports news and favorite programs.

All in all, TiviMate has multiple functions. However, some of these features are unique to the premium edition.

What extra features does the TiviMate subscription have?
TiviMate has a free version that lets you teach yourself using the application before you subscribe. The premium edition, on the other hand, gives you full access to all features and gives you the best IPTV performance.

Sync – Premium membership gives you access to a global network, giving you greater flexibility and convenience on the road.
Enjoy the Mini-TV – TiviMate can act as a mini-TV and let you have fun with all your personal favorites at any time.
Personalization – TiviMate subscriptions allow customers to customize the entertainment experience to their preferences. The application allows you to make multiple playlists and sort content into different groups based on your tastes.
Disable Categories – The possibility to turn off categories is one of the main advantages of upgrading your TiviMate membership to a premium.
There’s also support for multiple playlists, collector management, append options, customizable EPG update intervals, scheduled recordings, reminders for auto-play channels, parental controls, and more.

How to install and use the TiviMate IPTV player?
As we know, TiviMate, like most players, is just a player and doesn’t contain any IPTV content, so you need an IPTV subscriber to provide you with links to play channels in order to watch videos and shows.

Our Review
We have tried TiviMate IPTV Player and it totally blew us away… it has in our opinion, one of the best user interfaces that anyone can navigate and stream the content instantly. It works really flawlessly as well, although we can only use it for a single playlist for the FREE version. The free version of the app itself has enough basic features to allow us to use our playlist properly so yes, we do not need to upgrade it to the premium version, unless one needs to use the other numerous features. The app does not have any glitches and lets you access the EPG from our subscription automatically. We definitely approve and recommend this app for good and decent android IPTV TV boxes.